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Wisted's Inc.

Location: Shabbona, Illinois

Supermarket improves ice cream quality with XDX installation

Wisted's Country Market has been providing home-town service and high quality products for over 50 years, including groceries, fresh meat, fish and dairy, and a candy/confectionery. While the store is built on old-fashioned customer service, its owners are always looking for new ideas to attract new shoppers.


Protecting the safety and quality of frozen foods is a priority to Wisted's. The store's Hussmann RL-5U Ice Cream Freezer was holding at -15 degrees and required four defrosts per day. As a result, significant frost buildup on the ice cream had a negative impact on the customers' perception of quality.

What we delivered:

After seeing the XDX Xstream valve at a Food Marketing Institute Show, Wisted's president Tom Wisted decided to install the add-on to his Ice Cream Freezer. The results have been dramatic. The freezer now holds at a consistent -20 degrees and requires just one 20-minute defrost per day. And product quality and appearance are improved because frost no longer builds up on the ice cream.

What our customers have to say:

"I am currently planning on retrofitting my walk-in freezer, frozen foods line-up and my produce and service meat cases as well in the near future. I am also telling many of my supermarket business contacts about XDX and the benefits they can expect from this technology. I just tell them to take a look like I did, and I'm certainly glad I did."—Tom Wisted, President