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Polar Service Co., Inc.

Location: Salinas, Calif.

Refrigeration service company meeting customer challenges with XDX technology

Polar Service Co. is one of the most diverse refrigeration service companies in its area. For over 40 years retail and industrial corporations, large and small, have depended on Polar for their service needs. The company is contracted to serve many of the major supermarket chains as well as prominent industrial clients, from store-planning design to retrofitting with new energy efficient equipment to equipment sales.


Recognizing the challenges its refrigeration customers face—inconsistent temperatures, frequent defrosting, high energy usage and more—Polar Service continually seeks out innovative technology solutions. As part of this effort, the company participated in a Pacific Gas & Electric Company test program to evaluate and document the efficiency gained with the installation of an XDX system.

What we delivered:

Retrofitting the XDX valve on Polar Service Co.'s existing refrigeration systems delivered significant relief for a number of refrigeration challenges:

  • A reduction in evaporator icing problems.
  • A reduction in defrost times from four 40-minute defrost periods per day to one 30-minute defrost. This solution contributes directly to the elimination of packaging frost problems. In fact, customers have no visible clue that the freezer case contains frozen food, and labels are easy to read.
  • Evaporator frosting that is slower and more even.

What our customers have to say:

"I will continue to install the XDX valve on all frozen food cases and commercial walk-in applications where the customer is interested in efficient use of his capital equipment."—Bill Victorino, Sales Manager, Polar Service Co., Inc.