Kmart store sees increased efficiency in refrigeration units with XDX technology

Kmart Super Centers are combination full-service grocery and general merchandise stores—many of them operating 24 hours a day and offering in-house bakeries, fresh meat and seafood and full delicatessens.


The competition for grocery spending has grown more intense as food markets struggle to attract more customers through more choices, better prices, and higher quality products. Attention to detail is a must in this competitive environment—and protecting the safety of refrigerated and frozen foods is paramount to Kmart. At the same time, the company was looking for ways to reduce energy usage while maintaining the performance of its cooling systems.

What we delivered:

The XDX system was installed on refrigeration units store-wide. Over a period of several months, power and temperature monitoring of 134 evaporators and 32 display cases showed dramatic results regarding temperatures, product quality, and with regard to mechanical improvements.

  • Energy dropped an average of 20 percent—and in one unit nearly 40 percent.
  • Defrost was reduced by at least 50 percent in frequency, while defrost duration was often reduced.
  • Oil return from the low temperature systems was reported as significant enough to cause blockage of all of the suction line filter driers on more than one occasion with the debris and residue that had been logging in the evaporators.
  • Superheat was reduced and discharge temperatures were reported reduced between 11 and 16.5°C (20 and 30 °F).
  • Various departments reported subjective and non-quantified reports of improved product quality; however the meat and seafood departments had been recording product shrinkage levels and costs for months prior to the retrofit work and were able to substantiate quantified reduction in product shrinkage of 42 percent.

What our customers have to say:

"The data speaks for itself. The store reports the ‘smoothest operations' ever. My company-wide energy data collecting system indicates the story energy usage is dropping. All indications are that XDX will continue to give us greater performance. We will be looking forward to utilizing this technology wherever possible in our stores."—David Agar, National Refrigeration