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Delta Heat Transfer, Inc.

Location: Flowery Branch, Ga.

XDX valve delivers dramatic results for Delta Heat Transfer

Delta Heat Transfer Inc., a subsidiary of Bitzer, designs and builds refrigeration and air conditioning compressors for blast freezers, industrial processing, holding freezers, chillers, food processing and more. The company is always looking for innovative solutions to help its customers improve the performance of their refrigeration equipment, reduce defrost cycles and save money.


Delta customers have expressed challenges with freezer pull-down rates and the frequent defrosting required. These issues can result in inconsistent temperatures that affect product quality and increase energy usage.

What we delivered:

The XDX valve was installed and tested on a freezer at Delta Heat Transfer and the system was balanced for about three to four days after the last adjustment was made to the valve. The results were dramatic:

  • In a room with a consistent temperature of -5 degrees F, compressor run time to pull the box from +5 to -5 degrees decreased 10 minutes—from 30-35 minutes to 20-25 minutes.
  • The frosting pattern was more uniform across the coil, and the frosting that did occur was less dense than frosting prior to the installation of the valve.
  • The electric defrost schedule was reduced from two 30-minute defrosts per day to one 30-minute defrost per day.
  • Superheat at the compressor suction header was reduced from 25 degrees to 6 degrees.

What our clients have to say:

"The valve has made a tremendous difference in the performance of the coil, and the energy used to operate the box. And if the rack controller allowed it, I think we could reduce defrost times even further—to once every 36 hours—without causing any problems"—Dave Laird, President