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Artesa Vineyards

Location: Carneros, Calif.

Innovative refrigeration helps winery save energy while producing quality wine

It is the dedication of a winery to detail that produces a great wine. One visit to Artesa Vineyards in Carneros, Calif., and the attention directed toward detail is evident. From the modernistic architectural design and the glass masterpieces of a local artist, to the great effort to blend the facility into the natural terrain, this 400-acre-facility radiates detail.


Refrigeration plays an important role in wine production. From the fermentation process, where cooling coils are necessary to keep the grape juice below 30 degrees Celsius; throughout the cold-stabilization process, when the time-to-temperature relationship can affect profitability; and into the higher loads of the exothermic period during harvest, the importance of consistent temperatures is a main focus. Refrigeration issues often are noticed only when the equipment cannot perform to expectations during warmer temperatures, or when the temperature control is less than desirable.

Artesa had discussed possible improvements and equipment additions that would provide the needed performance as well as reduce energy costs. When they learned about a Pacific Gas and Electric project that featured an energy-saving technology from XDX innovative Refrigeration, they decided to give the new product a try.

What we delivered:

XDX Xstream valves, which improve evaporator performance and deliver more consistent temperatures, were installed in the existing refrigeration system at Artesa. The improvement in evaporator performance has had dramatic and beneficial results.


The plant maintenance engineer reports a significant improvement in how quickly the tanks get cold—and stay cold. As a result, the cold-stabilization process takes less time. The winery can now run up to eight of its 10,000-gallon tanks at a time. In addition, refrigeration compressors cycle off more often, which delivers a significant energy savings and helps maintain the winery's high quality while managing overhead.

What our clients have to say:

"I want the highest quality and to get the highest quality, we must focus on every detail of the process. Having the refrigeration work as well as it does allows us to focus on the product What all quality winemakers have in common is that we need control of the process. XDX has helped us in the control of the process."—Artesa winemaker Don Van Staaveren

Maintaining consistent temperatures is vital to the wine-making process. The photo of this half-covered tank was taken before installation of the X-stream valve.
A day after retrofitting with the X-Stream valve, the tank is cold and fully covered.
After installing these XDX X-Stream valves in its refrigeration system, Artesa reports improved evaporator performance and more consistent temperatures. With XDX helping to control the refrigeration process, Artesa can focus on producing the highest quality products.