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One of XDX's first innovations, XTC is a same-direction hot gas defrost system with a built-in hot gas solenoid valve and a liquid line solenoid. It offers X-Stream® Technology and is available in a single-port and double-port model. The double-port model operates similarly to RapiDefrost

Its all-brass construction makes it extremely durable. XTC can be installed at the condensing unit, at the evaporator, or anywhere in between, depending on the system piping configuration.

What it does

Like RapiDefrost, XTC uses the same Evaporator Inlet Line that feeds refrigerant to the inlet of the evaporator to transport the hot gas from the condenser into the evaporator. This creates a defrost period that is thorough, short and efficient. It can be used to replace all types of defrost systems, including reverse-flow, three-pipe or electric defrost systems. Some modifications or additional components may be required.

How it works

XTC increases efficiency in systems with hot gas defrost. Instead of using a four-way reversing valve, which operates like a heat pump, it uses solenoids. It uses the same refrigerant line piping to transport the hot gas to the beginning of the coil where the need for defrost is the greatest and oil is encouraged to return. It doesn't require additional piping and can operate with a one-to-one compressor to evaporator ratio.

The system is activated through a hot gas defrost solenoid that is normally located by the system defrost clock or module and is terminated by a suction line thermostat. This method assures a clear evaporator by mandating a specific return temperature and not depending on an evaporator mounted sensor.

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