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A.R.M.E.D.® Technology

A.R.M.E.D.® (Adjustable Refrigerant Metering Evaporator Device) Technology helps improve the effectiveness of the Mysticool® Max. It works in tandem with X-Stream® Technology to improve the characteristics of refrigerant flow throughout the entire evaporator coil.

How it works

In conventional systems, the low side of a refrigeration system is inefficient. Using an expansion valve at the inlet to the evaporator, liquid is fed into the initial passes with a low vapor quality that necessitates laminar flow at a temperature that is colder than the balance of the evaporator—perfect conditions for the build-up of frost at the evaporator inlet.

A.R.M.E.D. allows for the fine-tuning of the refrigerant feed of any traditional system, and in tandem with X-Stream, allows for optimization of the heat transfer throughout even the superheated areas of the evaporator.

What it does

A.R.M.E.D. improves the characteristics of refrigerant flow throughout the entire evaporator coil and addresses several areas of evaporator inefficiency directly:

  • The adjustment of the device allows for fluctuations in ambient temperature that might affect the liquid feed into the evaporator coil. Extreme changes in surrounding temperatures or ambient conditions, which are far different from design specifications, can be compensated for with an adjustment to a different sized orifice.
  • A.R.M.E.D. allows for the change of the refrigerant type instead of opening up a system to replace an orifice, which would be required in a traditional system. Due to differences in refrigerant density, the specified orifice can change if the refrigerant changes. Because A.R.M.E.D. is adjustable, it allows for these changes without the need to open up and expose the refrigeration system to any impurities.
  • Fine-tuning A.R.M.E.D. creates the ability to have a good liquid vapor mixture at the entrance to the evaporator coil. After setting superheat at the outlet of the evaporator and increasing good heat transfer to the outlet of the evaporator coil, A.R.M.E.D. achieves annular flow quality in the evaporator coil.
  • A.R.M.E.D. allows for simpler sizing of the refrigeration system's expansion valve. It stabilizes refrigerant flow, restricts the quantity of refrigerant leaving the expansion valve, and improves the quality of the refrigerant exiting the expansion valve. As long as the expansion valve is not undersized, oversized expansion valves and the conventional "hunting" issues are no longer a concern.
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