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Xstream® Technology

For decades, the refrigeration industry has placed its focus on the importance of having liquid at the entry of the evaporator. The change of state from liquid to vapor is the point where the real work for heat transfer occurs. With that thought in mind, vapor has always been viewed as having a lesser effect on the refrigeration process, and having liquid at the entry of the evaporator should ensure the greatest enthalpy or heat removal capacity.

X-Stream Technology, the main component of Mysticool® Max, was developed with the mindset that heat transfer is important and that vapor has a role to play in the refrigeration system.

What it does

X-Stream Technology optimizes the refrigerant flow and the resulting heat transfer capability with the evaporator by using vapor refrigerant to force a film of liquid refrigerant around the circumference of the inner walls of the evaporator tubing. The resulting evaporator performance is unparalleled, with superheat stability and more consistent evaporator surface temperatures. The uniform surface temperatures minimize frost build-up and expedite temperature pull-down capabilities. And the ability of X-Stream Technology to control superheat provides compressor protection not found in conventional refrigeration cycle methodology.

How it works

Conventionally, by design, the low side of a refrigeration system is very inefficient. Utilizing an expansion valve at the inlet to the evaporator coil, refrigerant is fed into the initial passes with a low vapor quality that necessitates laminar flow at a temperature that is colder than the balance of the evaporator—perfect conditions for the build-up of frost at the evaporator inlet. Along with humidity infiltration through an open cooler’s door, this condensing on the cold surface of the coil leads to further frosting—eventually covering most of the coil’s surface and limiting airflow and the transfer of heat.

To prevent this pattern, X-Stream Technology, incorporated into the Mysticool® Max valve, creates its patented Altered Bi-Phase Flow/High Vapor Fraction Turbulent (ABF/HVFT) refrigerant flow at the inlet and throughout the evaporator, improving heat transfer and overall evaporator efficiency. The ABF/HVFT creates annular flow of refrigerant through the evaporator coil, and with the mounting of the TXV sensing bulb at the outlet of the evaporator coil, greater usable evaporator surface area is available and lowered superheat is safely achieved. This aids in the increased rate of temperature pull-down and contributes to the uniformity of the evaporator coil surface temperature.

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XDX improves the performance of:

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