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The Mysticool Max valve is an add-on component that can improve a cooling or refrigeration system's performance and capacity. The valve changes the characteristics of the refrigerant flow pattern through the evaporator—leading to a more efficient system that uses less energy and saves money.

The Mysticool Max can be installed without altering any of the other system components. It's located downstream of the metering device and works with all mechanical and most electronic thermal expansion valves, as well as capillary, automatic, and pressure flow control devices.

What it does

Mysticool Max combines our revolutionary X-Stream® and A.R.M.E.D.® technologies to benefit both air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It creates a patented Altered Bi-Phase Flow/High Vapor Fraction Turbulent technology that allows for increased heat transfer coefficients, improved compression ratios, lower operating superheats, more stable refrigerant flow, indoor air quality enhancement, safer compressor operation, encouraged oil return, cooler compressor head temperatures, reduced compressor runtime and frost uniformity.


This multi-functional valve is adaptable to any line size and is compatible with all common Freon-based refrigerants and blends. It is rated at 700 psi so it is 410a capable.

Mysticool Max supports a wide range of BTU capacities. It can be installed on anything from a closet cooler to a rooftop unit of 30+ tons.


  • Reduces kW and kWh
  • Reduces the possibility for frost build-up, leading to decreased defrosts
  • Increases total system capacity
  • Reduces compressor run time
  • Increases refrigerant velocity to reduce oil breakdown and improve oil return
  • Enables greater pull-down capabilities under high ambient and high load conditions
  • Makes "load shedding" easier thanks to greater capacity and pull-down performance
  • Increases the usable evaporator coil surface area to address humidity concerns
  • Lowers operating head pressure, reducing nuisance maintenance on hotter days
  • Delivers more consistent temperature and uniform coil temperature from more consistent refrigerant feed
  • Leads to increased heat transfer
  • Increases suction pressure, leading to decreased compression ratios
  • Enables longer product shelf-life and reduction in product shrinkage
  • Lowers maintenance costs and extends mechanical life
  • Is adaptable to any defrost method
  • Is simple to install
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