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XDX Named One of the Most Innovative Companies in Chicago

CHICAGO, Illinois – Chicago Innovation Awards has named XDX Innovative Refrigeration as one of the top 75 companies in Chicago for one of their newest innovative products, MYSTICOOL Max®. For more than a decade, XDX® has assisted customers in reducing their global carbon footprint by driving down energy consumption in refrigeration and HVAC equipment. XDX increases existing equipment efficiencies while improving system operation performance and increasing food safety. Read More

XDX helps improve food storage and reduce energy costs at Army base

FORT IRWIN, Calif. ─ In the middle of the Mojave Desert, U.S. Army Soldiers stationed at Fort Irwin battle harsh weather conditions that pose unique challenges for the facilities' operation. A cutting edge technology installed by XDX Innovative Refrigeration is helping combat some of those challenges by improving the performance of refrigeration equipment — helping to provide patrons a higher quality of food while saving energy at the same time. Read More

XDX celebrates 10th anniversary of providing energy-saving technologies

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. ─ XDX Innovative Refrigeration recently marked its 10th year of providing patented technologies that have helped companies worldwide meet environmental initiatives, increase food safety, reduce maintenance costs and decrease energy consumption in their commercial refrigeration systems and air conditioning units. Read More

XDX launches next generation of energy-saving technology for food industry, schools and hospitals

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. ─ XDX Innovative Refrigeration, the leader in reducing energy in commercial refrigeration systems and air conditioning units, has released the latest version of its award-winning valve, the Mysticool® Max, which can reduce energy consumption by 15 percent or more. Read More

XDX and partner Beverage-Air recognized for top innovative foodservice product

Chicago, Ill. ─ Beverage-Air, a division of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, and technology partner XDX Innovative Refrigeration were honored by the National Restaurant Association and Foodservice Equipment & Supplies with the first ever award recognizing the most cutting-edge and innovative foodservice product for the food industry. Read More

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration divisions offer XDX enhancement package in product line

BREA, Calif. ─ Several industry-leading divisions of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration are making available a performance enhancement package from XDX for their customers in the food service, commercial and light industrial refrigeration industry segments. Read More

XDX authorized to bring revolutionary technologies to Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba ─ XDX received a temporary export license to bring its revolutionary refrigeration technologies to Cuba to help U.S. business interests improve food storage conditions, extend shelf life of perishable products and reduce energy usage. Read More

XDX products improving food quality at new Chicago Produce Market

CHICAGO, Ill. ─ Innovative refrigeration products provided by XDX are reducing energy usage and improving food-storage temperatures for the new produce market established by the city of Chicago's long-time produce wholesalers. Read More

Industry leader Carrier to be exclusive OEM to offer XDX enhancement package

SPARTANBURG, SC ─ Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, the recognized industry leader in the food service, commercial and light industrial refrigeration industry, has partnered with XDX Innovative Refrigeration to be the exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer to offer XDX's patented energy-saving and performance-enhancing products. Read More

XDX initiates program to improve quality of food for children

CHICAGO, Ill. ─ XDX Innovative Refrigeration recently initiated a program to improve the quality of food for children through enhanced refrigeration performance. The "Kitchen Improvements for Discerning Schools" Safety Program (K.I.D.S.) educates, encourages and enables operators and technicians to improve awareness and achieve better kitchen refrigeration equipment performance. Read More



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