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Decreased defrost cycles

In conventional refrigeration systems, frost starts spreading from the coldest part of the coil and eventually blocks the entire surface, necessitating frequent defrost cycles. But the addition of the XDX system greatly reduces frost—and when it does occur, frost builds up more evenly over the coil. XDX decreases defrost cycles an average of 50 percent. It reduces the number and durations of defrosting, and in some cases customers find it possible to go days or weeks without defrosting.

More consistent temperatures

The need for frequent defrost cycles causes constantly fluctuating temperatures in refrigeration equipment. Use of the XDX system reduces defrost cycles, maintaining consistent temperatures while producing significantly less condensation. And a 30 percent improvement in pull-down rates delivers a faster return to desired product temperature.

Improved product safety

Constantly fluctuating temperatures in refrigeration equipment increases the risk of bacterial contamination. Foodservice customers look to XDX to enhance food safety through the stabilization of refrigeration and freezer temperatures. The growth rate for spoilage bacteria under conventional refrigeration is 35 percent faster than with the addition of XDX. And refrigeration systems that originally were unable to meet the FDA Food Code for Product Temperature are able to exceed performance requirements following conversion to the XDX system.

Extended shelf life

In addition to the health risks posed by inconsistent temperatures, products that are subject to these conditions are more likely to spoil or shrink. Shrinkage and spoilage result in product mark-down, discarding and lost sales margins. XDX can deliver a significant increase in product shelf life by helping traditional systems maintain consistent temperatures. Studies show that products with a traditional shelf life of three days have a five-day shelf life when the temperature is held constant.

Energy savings

Conventional refrigeration systems are inherently inefficient and consume large amounts of electricity. But adding the XDX system to a conventional unit can slash energy requirements. It endows the existing evaporator with unparalleled efficiency, making refrigerant a powerful mixture of liquid and vapor capable of uniform heat absorption throughout the entire coil. As the unit comes to temperature faster and cycles off earlier, energy usage is greatly reduced—by 15 percent or more.

Environmental stewardship

Reducing the impact of operations is not only good for the environment; it's also good for business. One way to lessen a company's environmental impact is by cutting energy usage. XDX is at the forefront of developing new technologies that support global green initiatives by lowering energy costs. Installing XDX products on conventional refrigeration equipment can reduce energy usage by about 25 percent—improving the bottom line while demonstrating environmental stewardship.

Lower maintenance costs

Equipment that runs continuously or inefficiently requires more maintenance. Because XDX equipment increases the performance of traditional equipment and reduces operating cycles, maintenance intervals are extended and costs are reduced.

Longer equipment life

When equipment runs less, it lasts longer. By adding XDX to a conventional unit, defrost cycles are significantly reduced, and the unit comes to temperature faster and cycles off earlier, resulting in a reduction in operating cycles. In addition, the compressor is protected because XDX delivers low superheat rather than conventional high superheat. This enhanced compressor operation, lower superheat settings and improved oil return combine to enhance equipment life.

Better system performance

XDX has a patented processes that improves the quality of refrigerant as it flows through the evaporator coil in any refrigeration system and changes the characteristics of the refrigerant flow pattern to an annular flow. This effectively increases performance through the entire coil and turns the evaporator into a heat exchange. This leads to a more efficient system, better heat transfer, reduced defrosts—and money saved.

Fast ROI

Adding XDX can positively impact your business no matter what type of system you use. No new capital equipment required—it's an upgrade, not a replacement. It installs in your current system with minimal effort, usually in an hour or less. It also can be specified for new equipment and is easily incorporated. Or you can buy some equipment with XDX already installed. Electricity savings alone can bring a return on investment within eight to 24 months. And the extended equipment life, longer product life and reduction in maintenance made by possible by XDX deliver an even faster ROI.