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Facility Management

Facility Management

Managing facilities

HVAC Facility Managers are responsible for coordinating and overseeing the safe, secure and environmentally sound operations of HVAC assets. They manage maintenance, repairs, new equipment purchases and energy costs. And they're responsible for doing these things in a way that is most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Addressing HVAC needs

Proper maintenance of facility HVAC systems can result in many benefits. These include lower utility bills, increased service life of the equipment, and better comfort and health for the occupants of the building.

One important component of the system is the air conditioning equipment. High-quality cooling systems are available from dozens of OEMs. But standard units are limited in what they can deliver—and they consume large amounts of electricity in the process.

How XDX can help

Mysticool®Max utilizing X-STREAM® and A.R.M.E.D. ® technologies from XDX® improve a cooling system's performance to make building occupants more comfortable while reducing energy usage and environmental impact. Installing XDX technology on a standard cooling unit can:

  • Help the unit maintain consistent temperatures while producing significantly less condensation.
  • Increase system capacity through improved evaporator performance, lower average building temperature and lower stable humidity.
  • Reduce humidity in the conditioned space for a more comfortable environment.
  • Make it possible for air conditioning units to achieve the desired temperature faster.
  • Slash energy requirements by endowing the existing evaporator with unparalleled efficiency; as the unit comes to temperature faster and cycles off earlier, energy usage is greatly reduced—by 15 percent or more.
  • Support global green initiatives by reducing energy usage.
  • Decrease maintenance costs and extend equipment life by reducing operating cycles.