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Attention to detail

Producing a high quality wine takes time and attention to detail. And one of the key components in this process is refrigeration. From the fermentation period, when cooling coils are necessary to keep the grape juice at a consistent temperature; throughout the cold-stabilization process, when the time-to-temperature relationship can affect profitability; and into the higher loads of the exothermic period during harvest, refrigeration is paramount.

Controlling the process

Any variance in refrigeration performance during the winemaking process can have a disastrous effect. Quality is at stake when equipment cannot perform to expectations during warmer temperatures, or when the temperature control is less than desirable. And the high cost of the energy necessary for refrigeration can have a negative effect on the profitability of the winemaking venture.

How XDX can help

XDX X-Stream valve technology gives winemakers control of the process. XDX improves the performance of refrigeration equipment in a number of ways that are beneficial to the industry.

  • Use of the XDX system reduces refrigeration defrost cycles, so there is less opportunity for temperatures to fluctuate. Fewer defrost cycles also result in significantly less condensation.
  • Pull-down rates are improved by as much as 30 percent—so when conditions change, the unit quickly returns to the desired temperature.
  • Efficiency improvements also lead to reduced energy usage—by at least 15 percent.
  • Because equipment is more efficient, run-times are reduced. An added benefit is lower maintenance costs and longer equipment life.

XDX improves the performance of:

Low Temp Equipment

Blast Freezers
Display Freezers
Reach-in Freezers
Storage and Walk-ins

Med/High Temp Equipment

Air Conditioning
Deli Service Counters
Rack Systems
Reach-in Coolers
Refrigerated Cases
Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Drink Machines
Shell & Tube Evaporators
Walk-In Coolers