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Quality refrigeration is critical

In industrial applications, a quality refrigeration system can be the difference between success and failure. Industries like food, chemical and medical depend on refrigeration equipment that works efficiently and consistently around the clock.

A complex undertaking

Managing refrigeration equipment in industrial settings can be a demanding job. The industrial environment may include a wide variety of installations, with compressors, condensers and evaporators that all must be managed individually yet work as a whole. Very specific temperatures must be consistently maintained. At the same time, industries are always looking for ways to improve their operations—reducing maintenance costs, extending the life of their equipment, lowering energy costs, and improving their environmental footprint.

How XDX can help

XDX X-Stream valve technology improves the performance and capacity of commercial refrigeration equipment. XDX delivers a more efficient system, better heat transfer, reduced defrosts—and money saved.

  • Use of the XDX system reduces defrost cycles, which helps maintain consistent temperatures while producing significantly less condensation.
  • A 30 percent improvement in pull-down rates delivers a faster return to desired temperature.
  • Fewer defrost cycles and improved system performance lead to a reduction in energy usage—by at least 15 percent.
  • By reducing energy usage, companies can also lessen their environmental impact, supporting global green initiatives.
  • By increasing performance and reducing operating cycles, maintenance intervals are extended and costs reduced.
  • Equipment life is extended by reduced operating cycles, enhanced compressor operation, lower superheat settings and improved oil return.

XDX improves the performance of:

Low Temp Equipment

Blast Freezers
Display Freezers
Reach-in Freezers
Storage and Walk-ins

Med/High Temp Equipment

Air Conditioning
Deli Service Counters
Rack Systems
Reach-in Coolers
Refrigerated Cases
Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Drink Machines
Shell & Tube Evaporators
Walk-In Coolers