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Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics

Maintaining the cold chain

Shipping and Logistics providers are one of the most important links in the cold chain—the uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities that maintain a given temperature range and then extend and ensure the shelf life of products that require refrigeration. Food, pharmaceutical and chemical producers trust their carriers to protect their products and their reputation by safely handling and distributing their products. In order to control the quality, it is essential to control the temperature.

Refrigeration challenges

A carrier's liability comes into play from the moment the products are taken over. The optimum temperature, humidity and moisture levels must be maintained during loading, transportation, unloading and distribution—a significant challenge for refrigeration equipment that is operating in many different environments and cooling a variety of products.

How XDX can help

XDX X-Stream valve technology improves the performance of refrigerated transportation units by stabilizing temperature and managing moisture and humidity to ensure product safety and quality. Installing XDX technology can result in:

  • A 30 percent improvement in pull-down rates for a faster return to desired temperature to compensate for door openings during pickup and delivery as well as changing environmental conditions or product characteristics
  • Reduced air humidity deviation.
  • Reduced defrost cycles, which helps maintain consistent temperatures while producing significantly less condensation.
  • Fewer defrost cycles and improved system performance for a reduction in energy usage—by at least 15 percent.

Less environmental impact due to significant reductions in energy usage.

XDX improves the performance of:

Low Temp Equipment

Blast Freezers
Display Freezers
Reach-in Freezers
Storage and Walk-ins

Med/High Temp Equipment

Air Conditioning
Deli Service Counters
Rack Systems
Reach-in Coolers
Refrigerated Cases
Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Drink Machines
Shell & Tube Evaporators
Walk-In Coolers