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XDX: Revolutionizing the refrigeration industry

For more than a decade, XDX Innovative Refrigeration has been focused on revolutionizing the refrigeration industry—an industry that has been plagued by major shortcomings for the last half-century. Believing that heat transfer is important and that vapor has a beneficial role to play—inventor David Wightman set out to change the world of refrigeration with a valve that alters the flow of refrigerant to optimize efficiency throughout the entire evaporator coil. This altered flow results in superior heat transfer that increases the capacity of existing equipment. It also helps keep temperatures constant and reduces or eliminates frost build-up, which minimizes defrost cycles.

And it works. Today, this revolutionary technology is helping companies worldwide drive operational efficiencies, decrease energy consumption, keep products safe, meet environmental initiatives and improve their bottom line.

Founded in 1999 by David Wightman and partner James Eisenberg, the Chicago-based company now serves customers around the world. Our award-winning and scientifically proven technologies have been installed by a multitude of clients in dozens of industries, including HVAC, foodservice, medical, entertainment, food manufacturing, hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools, colleges and universities.